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HD-8904 Bluetooth/Wifi Rim Smart Door Lock

  • Price for Normal model: : 1-19pcs: $39.9; 20-100pcs: $37.5; 101-300pcs: $35.3
  • Price for TUYA wifi model: : 1-19pcs: $43.2; 20-100pcs: $40.5; 101-300pcs: $38.1
  • Price for TTLock BT model: : 1-19pcs: $44.2; 20-100pcs: $41.5; 101-300pcs: $38.9
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    Quick Details

    Door Type: Wood door, Steel door, Stainless Steel door, Aluminum door, Brass door

    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

    Brand Name: Hido

    Model Number: HD-8904 TUYA

    Data Storage Options: Cloud

    Network: wifi

    Color: Piano Black

    Material: Aluminum alloy

    Style: Rim Lock waterproof tuya app

    Product size: 156mm*59mm

    Support Phone System: iOS 7.0 or Android 4.4 or above

    Power supply: DC 6V (4*AA Batteries)

    Suitable for door standard: 30-110mm(Thickness)

    Warranty: One Year

    Unlock Methods: Card+Fingerprint+Password+Mechanical key+APP

    Certification: CE, ROHS

    Packaging & Delivery

    Selling Units: Single item

    Single package size:  25.5X19X84 cm

    Single gross weight: 2.000 kg

    Package Type: Standard export packing, color Box


    Door Type Wood door, Steel door, Stainless Steel door, Aluminum door, Brass door
    Model Number HD-8904 TUYA
    Data Storage Options Cloud
    Network wifi
    Color Piano Black
    Material Aluminum alloy
    Style Rim Lock waterproof tuya app
    Product size 156mm*59mm
    Support Phone System iOS 7.0 or Android 4.4 or above
    Power supply DC 6V (4*AA Batteries)
    Suitable for door standard 30-110mm(Thickness)
    Warranty One Year
    Unlock Methods Card+Fingerprint+Password+Mechanical key+APP
    Certification CE, ROHS

    Product Detail
    Fingerprint Reader
    Touch Keypad
    Tuya System Module
    Card Reading Area
    Cylinder Hole
    Usb Charging Port
    Manual Knob
    Battery Box

    Suitable for Multiple Door
    Universal Right Push / Right Pull & Left Push / Left Pull
    Wooden Door
    Metal Door

    Unlock Remotely
    Press the " 9+# " Button on the Lock. then Your App Will Receives a Permission Message, Click to Unlock Remotely

    Waterproof Cover

    Five Unlocking Modes
    For All Your Family Memebers
    Unlocking Via Fingerprint

    Unlocking Via App

    Unlocking Via Passcode

    Unlocking Via Ic Card

    Unlocking Via Mechanical Key

    Emergency Power Supply
    Low Battery Alarm

    Virtual Password
    16- Digit Virtual Passcode to Unlock, Including6-11 User Passcode.

    8904t remote control

    Apartment Smart Lock User Manual

    img (1)

    Please read the manual carefully before use


    * Please carry the mechanical key with you or put it in an

    outdoor safe place for any emergency use.

    * Do not install this lock in a fire exit door.

    1)Before installation

    1.1)Professional installation is recommended.

    1.2)To avoid any circuit function fault, please do not crumple the cable.

    1.3)Keep the door open until finishing the installation and lock function test.

    1.4)Please check whether fingerprint, card, password, key, inside knob unlock function well after installation (under initial status, any fingerprint, IC card or 4 digit password is able to unlock).

    1.5)If any function mentioned above doesn’t work appropriately, check again if the cable is well connected or if there any improper operation during installation then reinstall it strictly following our diagram.

    2) Installation diagram

    img (2)


    2.1) Open the front panel and insert the lock cylinder (refer to diagram 7,8).

    2.2) As shown in the diagram, use the studs to connect the front panel and cylinder panel then tighten the screws to fix (refer to diagram 4,5,6).

    2.3) Fix the rim mortise on the door then cover it with the back panel and fix it (refer to diagram 1,2,3).

    3) Buckle installation

    img (3)


    3.1)Use the screws to fix the buckle plate on the door.
    3.2)Use screws to fix the buckle.
    3.3)When finish the installation, test the knob of the rim lock making sure the deadbolt fit the buckle slot well. If the unlock operation is not smooth enough, try adjusting the buckle position.

    4)Function and operation

    4.1) Keypad function description
    4.1.1) Administrator information: refer to fingerprint, password or IC card administrator.
    4.1.2) unlock information: refer to the registered fingerprint, password or IC card information (including the administrator and user).
    4.1.3) “*” key: delete / back key. Enter “*” to delete the input password. Three consecutive “*” operation will clean up all the input information.
    4.1.4) “#” key: operation confirm key / menu function key.

    4.2) factory initial status
    4.2.1) Factory initial password is 123456#. All fingerprints, IC card or 4 digits password is able to unlock under factory initial status.
    4.2.2) When finish administrator registration, unregistered fingerprint, IC card or password will fail to unlock.
    4.3) Lock function management menu


    4.4) administrator setting

    4.4.1) Add administrator information


    4.4.2) Delete administrator information


    4.5) User setting

    4.5.1) Add user information


    4.5.2) Delete user information


    4.6) System setting

    4.6.1) Voice setting


    4.6.2) Unlock mode setting


    4.6.3) Language setting


    4.6.4) Time setting


    4.6.5) Reset to factory status


    5) APP setting( Tuya Wi-Fi APP, support 2.4GHz only

    5.1) add administrator (skip this operation if you have done this)

    5.2) Search “Tuya Smart” in the APP store or other APP market to download it.

    5.3) Register by mobile phone number then log in.

    5.4) Find in Tuya APP the “security and sensor” and press “door lock (Wi-Fi)”and

    follow the instruction to finish adding lock.

    5.5) Net connecting

    5.6) Entering Wi-Fi setting menu

    1. Press “*#” to verify the administrator information.

    2. Press 1 to enter administrator setting menu

    3. Press 3 to finish the Wi-Fi setting.

    5.7) Voice reports press 1 for hotpot connection (screen indicator light flashes slowly); press 2 for intelligent connection (screen indicator light flashes rapidly). Intelligent connection is recommended.

        5.7.1) Hotpot connection operation

             1. Enter Wi-Fi connection menu then press 1 to choose hotspot connection.

             2. Choose the Wi-Fi hotpot to be connected to then input the right password.

             3. Press “Next” then it will inform you “successful”. If it failed, it will report “failed”. Please try again the operation.

         5.7.2) Intelligent connection operation

             1. Enter Wi-Fi connection menu then press 2 to choose intelligent connection.

             2. Choose the Wi-Fi to be connected to then input the right password.

             3. Press “Next” then it will inform you “successful”. If it failed, it will report “failed”. Please try again the operation.

    5.8) Keypad screen number 1234 will flash successively with voice “successful” when finish adding operation; if time out, voice will report “fail”.

    5.9) Remote unlock: wake the keypad and press “9#” then voice will report “requesting remote unlocking”. Door lock time will be corrected while requesting remote unlocking.

    6) Remote control

    6.1) Add administrator (skip this operation if you have done this)

    6.2) Entering Wi-Fi setting menu

    1. Press “*#” to verify the administrator information.

    2. Press 2 to enter user setting menu.

    3. Press 1 then press any key on the remote control when hear the voice instruction.

    7) Other description

    • 5 times wrong password input will cause a 30 seconds keypad lock. During these 30 seconds, lock will not respond to any operation.
    • Anti-peeping password function: unlock by inputting before or after the correct password some random number (no more than 16 bits) then end by # key.
    • The lock will give out warning alarm every unlock operation when voltage is lower than 4.8V.  Please replace the battery as soon as possible.
    • Reset operation: Press “SET” on the back panel for 6 seconds (screen number 654321 will automatically flash successively. The initial password will be 123456.
    • Under factory initial status, you can swift the language between Chinese and English by inputting 333666999#.

    8) Technical Parameter

    Technical Parameter






    Quiescent current




    Dynamic current




    Administrator capacity




    Fingerprint capacity




    FP+PWD+ card capacity




    Fingerprint scanner




    fingerprint recognition




    FP recognition angle

    360 degree



    False rejection rate




    False recognition rate




    Acting time





    DC 6V



    Emergency power

    DC 5V



    Working temperature




    Working relative humidity




    Human voice





    12 digits touching keypad



    Password length

    4-8 digits



    Virtual password

    32 digits



    Low power warning




    unlock time



    img (1) img (2) img (3) img (4) img (5) img (6) img (7) img (8) img (9) img (10) img (11) img (12)

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